Academic Affairs Office



The HPER Department provides classes designed to:

  • Enhance the general education experience.
  • Transfer as part of baccalaureate degree in the fields of physical education, recreation, athletic training and health education.
  • Provide certification and technical skills necessary for specialized job entry in the above mentioned fields.

All Muskegon Community College Physical Education activity classes are co-ed; the strength and physical ability required should be carefully considered in registering for individual or team activities.

Students must take one credit hour from one of the following core courses and one PEA/DNC credit hour of choice to satisfy graduation requirements.:

PEA 101A:  Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition - offered Fall, Winter and Summer semesters
PEA 103:  Weight Training - Offered Fall, Winter and Summer semesters
PEA 104A:  Walking, Jogging and Conditioning - Offered Fall, Winter and Summer semesters
PEA 118:  Cycling:  Offered Summer and Fall semesters
PEA 201:  Aerobic Movement for Fitness - Fall, Winter and Summer semesters

Many classes are offered on the modular system (less than fifteen weeks) to take advantage of Michigan weather.  Most modular classes are 7½ weeks.  Check the schedule of classes for starting date.  All classes meet in the gym for the initial meeting unless noted in the semester schedule.

Although it is still highly recommended, a physical examination is not mandatory for physical education activity classes.  The physical education requirement may be waived by a medical excuse based on a physician's signed statement.  Where the physical education requirement has been waived, the student must still complete 62 credit hours to earn a degree.

The HPER Department offers a Performance Based Scholarship in the area of Health/Athletic Training, Physical Education and Recreation.  Consult the Financial Aid Office for more information. 

Department Chairperson
Dan Rypma
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Jessica Graf
Phone: 231-777-0525

Department Secretary
Jody Miller
Phone: 231-777-0385
Fax: 231-777-0437 

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Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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