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 Need a SPA treatment?


Did you know most courses below the 100-level are considered "developmental" and do not count toward your college degree?


If you tested into one of these courses and think you could have done better, consider registering for the…


The Math SPA is recommended for students:

  • Who tested into Math 036 or 038
  • Who may not have prepared properly for the placement test 
  • Who feel like they mostly need a “refresher”
  • Who would like to get a jump start on their math class 

How does it work? 

  • Participants work with the instructor to determine the topics with which they need the most help.
  • Students spend 3 hours each day for a week working at their own pace, with an instructor present.
  • At the end of the week, they retake the COMPASS test and hopefully place into a higher level.
  • Even if students do not test higher, they have a head start on their classmates at the beginning of the semester.

What does it cost?

  • Nothing!  Attending the SPA is completely FREE, so take advantage of it.
  • Note: If you were to “jump” a placement level, this could save you the cost of 3-4 hours of tuition and required textbooks: approximately $300 -$600!

How do I sign up?

  •  Contact the College Success Center at 231-777-0259 

Questions?  Contact:


The next SPA offering is for students who will be taking their first math class in the Fall 2014 semester.  

The dates are August 4 - August 8, 9 am - noon.


Developmental Courses:

Visit for more information on developmental courses at MCC.