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Read Muskegon

In the Fall of 2009, under the direction of Jenny Klingenberg, MCC developed a co-op relationship with Read Muskegon to train tutors to address an urgent need in the community.  On Sunday, July 11, 2011, the Muskegon Chronicle’s As We See It editorial "Get Ready to Read" indicates there are between 22,000 and 36,000 people in Muskegon County reading and comprehending at less than a 5th grade level. This is enough people to fill the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts 15 times over! Read Muskegon provides 1-1 tutoring services for adults in Muskegon County who need support in improving reading skills. Currently, 20% of learners are below a first grade reading level, 47.5% are below the 4th grade, 77.5% are below a sixth grade level, and 92.5% are below a 7th grade reading level.  

The program is based on providing support specific benchmark goal attainment and was developed using research-based principles of adult learning and early reading.  The co-op course includes instruction on lesson planning and reporting forms, the impact of illiteracy, workshops regarding literacy issues and interviews with experienced tutors and learners.  As a Read Muskegon tutor, students make a positive impact on the lives of adults through improved literacy.  This cooperative learning and volunteering experience provides students with training, support, and ongoing mentoring as they engage with adult learners.  Read Muskegon is working on expanding this collaboration to include support for students identified by COMPASS testing results through the MCC College Success Center.  For more information on this program, contact Courtney Schaub-Olsen at courtney.schaub-olsen@muskegoncc.edu or 231- 777 - 0371.

Read Muskegon is an active member of the Muskegon County Community Coordinating Council, West Michigan Community Coalition, the Lakeshore Literacy Coalition, the Muskegon County Great Start Collaborative, and the Goodwill Prosperity Center Initiative. Collaborations and partnerships are developed through agency/service providers who are members of these entities.