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Sustainability at MCC

Muskegon Community College is committed to being a leader in sustainability and is a resource for the community. Using a multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional approach, Muskegon Community College endeavors to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future by operating within a sustainable environmental, social, and economic framework.

To this end the Sustainability Task Force is developing initiatives to accomplish this mission, focused on the Triple Bottom Line.  For more information go to sustainability initiatives, successes, and resource links.  For example, under Resources you can calculate your energy savings from recycling different products and investigate how you can impact sustainability practices.  You will also find information under Resources about recycling at MCC.

You can submit ideas for our task force to sustainability@muskegoncc.edu.

The present initiative is to introduce uniform, quad-bin recycling stations campus wide. The task force has acquired five initial Busch Wastewatcher quad-bin stations for high traffic areas. The MCC Maintenance Department purchased one station with an accompanying dolly as a trial run. Private funds were subsequently raised for the other four quads. They have been well received. The four bin stations accept 1) clean paper, 2) plastic/glass/metal, 3) compost, and 4) waste.

Funding is needed for approximately 40 bins. Each quad-bin station costs $349. A dolly for transportation to temporary events costs $180. Donations of any amount toward this cause are needed and very welcome. The Task Force has been awarded 30 single Busch Wastewatcher bins through a 2013 Coca-Cola Foundation Keep America Beautiful Grant. The new funding total required to complete 30 quad Wastewatcher stations for the entire MCC campus is $8,250 including shipping. Donations are welcome. Please contact Darlene DeHudy about this at darlene.dehudy@muskegoncc.edu. Thank you very much.

Recycling saves natural resources and the energy required to harvest natural resources. Recycling allows valuable materials to be reused. Items recycled at MCC are: clean paper, cardboard, glass, plastics 1-7, metals, returnable bottles and cans, and compostables including food scraps, napkins, hand towels, compostable materials. Electronics, batteries, ink pens and ink cartridges are also recycled.

Everyone is encouraged to buy only what is necessary. Reuse whenever possible. Reduce consumption by using less. Recycle materials to realize maximum value without waste. Altogether we are trying to reduce: natural resources use, budget costs, global carbon emissions, and landfill waste. Every such effort reflects respect for the Earth and all life.

We invite you to join these efforts for a resilient life style and regard for future generations. Thank you.