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Needs Assessment

In October 2010, Muskegon Community College conducted a community ascertainment survey in Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana and Ottawa Counties. Results were gathered online and via telephone from a modest size of 500 respondents, who represented the general public, current MCC students, recent MCC graduates, prospective MCC students, high school faculty/counselors/principals and the business community.

The findings were organized into five sections: Perceptions of Community Colleges and Related Issues, Evaluating Muskegon Community College, Facts about Muskegon Community College, Information, and Demographics. 

Some of the highlights gleaned from the survey include:

  • Within its service area, MCC is highly regarded and is generally seen as the leading two-year college.
  • MCC is identified as the first choice for pursuing a two-year degree or certificate.
  • Among present, past, and prospective students, tuition cost is among the greatest obstacles to pursuing higher education, and is a primary consideration in selecting a college. This perception is supported by high school faculty and counselors.
  • Prospective students are not as likely to speak with teachers and counselors about attending college as they are to speak with parents and friends.
  • 79% of high school students actively consider attending a two-year college.
  • Most high school counselors and teachers indicate that they mention attending two-year colleges to their students.
  • The business community is highly favorably disposed toward MCC, with 91% indicating that they would recommend MCC to their employees and others.
  • The business community identifies “increasing high school graduation rates” and “increasing college education” as the top two issues of the Muskegon community.
  • The public is well aware of MCC and well connected with MCC. Moreover, the public holds MCC in high regard, though are slightly less certain that MCC responds rapidly to the needs of business and industry.
  • Past and present students alike rate MCC highly for the quality of education, quality of instructors, and so forth. In this connection, 90% of recent graduates would recommend MCC to others.
  • However, not unlike the general public, students are not quite sure that MCC responds rapidly to the needs of business and industry. 
  • High school teachers and counselors hold MCC in high regard and feel that MCC does an especially good job preparing students for transfer to four-year colleges. High school teachers and counselors believe that MCC offers an excellent education.

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