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Accreditation Timeline

Winter semester
  • Name co-chairs of the self-study
  • Seek administrative direction
  • Introduce new members to self-study process via the HLC annual meeting
  • Create Self-Study Plan
  • Identify Steering Committee members
  • Present Self-Study Plan to Board of Trustees and assign them to review the College’s mission
  • Introduce Self-Study Plan to faculty on seminar days
  • Meet with other interested parties regarding the self-study process, the first step in continually keeping everyone aware of what is going on
  • Identify members of each of the 13 committees from volunteers
  • Committees begin to gather evidence (facts, data, examples) on how the College measures up to each component in the five criteria
  • Committees present an outline of evidence by the end of the semester
  • Committees begin to not only gather additional information but evaluate what it proves (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Steering Committee issues writing guidelines to committees
  • Committees create first draft of chapters by end of semester
  • Steering committee and self-study coordinators review chapter drafts
  • Steering Committee invites the HLC to set a date for the team visit
  • Committees respond to steering committee reviews by gathering additional information and rewriting first draft
  • Final draft of chapters due end of the semester
  • Committees gather and organize supporting documents to be placed in the resource room
  • Self-study coordinators edit final draft of Self-Study Report
  • Send Self-Study Report to the HLC
  • Send Self-Study Report or executive summary to all interested parties
  • Steering Committee prepares everyone for the upcoming team visit
  • Steering Committee prepares all arrangements for visiting team
  • Resource room completed
October 25 – 27, 2010: HLC team visits MCC’s campus
  • Final report issued by the HLC