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Accreditation Committees

Steering Committee

A steering committee representative of the College’s organizational structure led and coordinated the entire self-study process. All other committees worked with and reported to the steering committee.

Richard Doctor (retired)
Instructor, English/Communications Department
Assessment Coordinator 

Janie Brooks
Vice President, Student Services
Becky Evans
Instructor, English/Communications Department
Jenny Klingenberg
Instructor and Chair, English/Communications Department
Darren Mattone
Instructor, Life Sciences Department
Anne Meilof
Director of Institutional Research and Development
Diana Osborn (retired)
Executive Vice President, Administration
Kathy Pollock
Instructor, Life Sciences Department

Teresa Sturrus
Vice President, Academic Affairs


Criterion Team Leaders 

Criterion One: Mission and Integrity

  • Diana Osborn (retired)
  • Larry Visconti (Counselor)
  • Andy Wible (Instructor, Philosophy)

Criterion Two: Preparing for the Future

  • Kelley Conrad (Counselor)
  • Becky Evans

Criterion Three: Student Learning and Effective Teaching

  • Jenny Klingenberg
  • Kathy Pollock
  • Nancy Slater (Instructor, Graphic Design)

Criterion Four: Acquisition, Discover, and Application of Knowledge

  • Diane Krasnewich (Instructor, Math/Science - retired)
  • Darren Mattone

Criterion Five: Engagement and Service

  • Robert Ross (Director, Upward Bound)
  • Janie Brooks

A complete list of committees participants in the Self Study process is available