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Help for Students

If you have gone through the steps of applying for admission to college, registering for classes, and arranging to pay your tuition, you’re obviously serious about your education. Being a successful student is the next step and is often the most challenging, especially the first semester or two.

If you are struggling in a class, or with issues outside the classroom that are making school more difficult, seek help early. If necessary, seek help from more than one place. The following are valuable resources:

Instructors – When you have questions or concerns about a class, make sure you communicate with your instructor. All instructors have contact information on the class syllabi and most have office hours when you can talk with them individually. Talking with instructors early and often is one of the most helpful strategies to being a successful student.

Tutoring Center  – Tutors are an excellent source for help with specific classes. Peer tutoring by appointment, walk-in tutoring, and supplemental instruction targeting specific classes are all available in the Tutoring Center.

College Success Center – The Center has all the resources you need to upgrade your math, reading and     writing skills, get help with classes, and improve your study habits.  

Writing Center – If you are struggling to understand a writing assignment, or you are in the finishing stages of an essay, a trip to the MCC Writing Center will prove useful to you.

College Success Seminar – This two-credit course helps develop and reinforce the skills, abilities, and behaviors that promote academic and personal success: effective note taking, productive study skills, reading and remembering, critical thinking, library skills, basic computer skills, stress management, relationships and winning attitudes.

Library/Information Technology Center   – Reference librarians are great resources for getting to know the library and using the extensive research tools available to you. Our library is an especially beautiful place to read, study, research, and think.

Counseling and Advising Center – Our counselors can help you plan the classes you need to reach your educational and career goals, show you a process for deciding your goals and help you through the process, and help with personal concerns that may be interfering with your success in school. 

Financial Aid – Understanding the Financial Aid process can help you avoid problems paying for college in the future. Applying for aid early (several months before a semester begins) helps prevent last-minute worry and stress.

Office of Information Technology – For help logging into your email, WebAdvisor or Blackboard accounts, contact the Student 24 Hour Helpdesk at 1-866-718-5170.

For questions or concerns that can’t be answered using the resources here, please send an email to .

We want you to be successful because when you are, we are too!