Student Services

Termination Procedure

 This procedure is implemented by the student employees’ direct supervisor of certain infractions, such as falsification of timesheets and breach of confidentiality, are considered serious. Student employees who commit serious infractions of employment policy are subject to judicial action at the College level and criminal prosecution at the U.S. Department of Education level. In these and many other cases, the Financial Aid office has the right to cancel the student’s work study award.

 What are the steps for termination?
1.     Verbal Warning (Step 1)
ü      A description of this warning and the situation that caused it will be provided to the Student and the Supervisor in writing to be placed in student employee’s file.
2.     Written Warning (Step 2)
ü      A copy of this warning must be provided to the Student and the Supervisor to be placed in the student employee’s file.
3.     Termination (Step 3)
ü      The Student Services, Financial Aid, and the Payroll Office will be informed in writing and at that time all timesheets must be turned in for hours completed before termination.
Warnings may result from, but are not limited to the following behavior:
ü      Student is late for work or absent without prior notification
ü      Loitering on the job
ü      Failure to fulfill job responsibilities in a satisfactory manner
Immediate dismissal may be issued for the following violations:
ü      Dishonesty and/or theft
ü      Verbal or physical abuse to a supervisor or other personnel, including another student employee
ü      Abuse to Muskegon Community College equipment or property
ü      Excessive failure to attend classes
ü      Disclosure of confidential information to unapproved party
ü      Falsifying timesheets