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This is the Greek letter “psi” – the symbol of the field of psychology and the first letter of “psyche,”
the ancient Greek concept of the “self.”

Psychology is the modern study of “self” – of behavior in all its variety – how we sense, perceive, think, feel, and act. The field of psychology embraces all of human life – from genes to family; from health to disorder; from conception to death. It is firmly rooted in the principles of careful observation, comprehensive research, and thoughtful analysis.
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Full-Time Instructors:   (Click on instructor's name for Schedule and Office Hours)

Richard Alexander             (homepage) Room 242-E 231-777-0340
Sherri DeBoef-Chandler     (homepage) Room 246-A 231-777-0469
Angela Spaniolo-DePouw   (homepage) Room 246-A 231-777-0346

Adjunct Instructors:   (Click on instructor's name for Schedule and Office Hours)

Janice Alexander Room 206 231-777-0309
Troy Bitson Room 242 231-777-0380
Dan Collison Room 242-A 231-777-0694
Victor DeJonge Room 242-A 231-777-0380
Cathy Gamby Room 242 231-777-0380
Mary Gee Room 242-A 231-777-0380
Lindsey Holmes Room 242 231-777-0380
Tammi Kolski Room 242 231-777-0380
Tonia Lans Room 101 231-777-0391
Hillari Madison Room 242 231-777-0380
Sue Martin Room 242 231-777-0380
Susan Pavlik Room 242 231-777-0380
Sandy Ring Room 242 231-777-0380
Angela Sweet-Christian Room 242 231-777-0380
Rob Swiatek Room 242 231-777-0380
Frank Tabaczka  Room 242  231-777-0380