Commercial Driver License Class "A"

Professional Truck Driver Training

        The training I received
at MCC helped me land
a good paying job. I'd
recommend MCC to anyone
looking at this career.

Eddie Smith, 2011

You're an independent person with career goals that take you across the States.  You like the open road, and at the touch of a button and turn of a wheel, you enjoy controlling big pieces of machinery.  Truck driving is a great career -- the pay is good, and the job market is open for qualified, certified drivers.  C.D.L. Training Services & Consulting, Inc. at Muskegon Community College is proud to offer a high-quality training school to help make you the best on the road.  As a student you will learn all  of the important skills and rules for becoming a Certified Commercial Truck Driver with a Class 'A' license. 

We offer Basic and Advanced CDL Training. The Basic Training is a 4 week (160 hour) class where you will study & prepare for DOT regulations and log books; training to obtain CDL permit and thorough instruction in map reading, trip planning, yard and road vehicle handling.

The Advanced CDL Training is a 5 week (184 hour) class where you will study all of the Basic CDL training, in addition to Compliance Safety: CSA 2010, Defensive Driving, Fire Safety, and Hazardous material compliance & handling.

Upcoming Classes

Classes begin almost every four weeks. Call to find out when the next class begins. The advanced class is now eligible for benefits through the Veteran's Administration. Call to learn if you qualify.





This is what you will learn:

Basic CDL Training Curriculum


Yard and Road Skills


 Pre-trip Inspection

 CDL Permit Study

 Couple – Uncouple

 HIghway Watch

 Straight Backing

 Job Procurement

 90-Degree Backing

 Log Book, Hours of Service

 Parallel Parking

 Map Reading, Trip Planning

 Blindside Backing

 DOT Regulations

 Shifting & Double Clutching

 Hazard Perception


 Night Operations

 Hazard Perception

 Extreme Driving Conditions  Uphill/Downhill techniques
 Railroad Crossing Safety  Entrance & Exit Ramps
 Accident Reports  Lane Changing
 WorkKeys® Assessments  Space Management
 CPR/Basic First Aid  Day and Night Driving
 Maintaining Balance  Skid Control Experience
   Secretary of State Class "A" Skills Test
   City, Rural, and Intrastate Driving

For information about registering, program cost, and financing options, contact: 

Terri Dykema,
CDL Coordinator
C.D.L. Training Services & Consulting, Inc.
231-777-0200 office